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A Plank
Skill and improvement


A three steps long wooden plank that could be used to build something.


Used to construct the walls of a house, or a fence. Also used in a great many other wooden structures such as wooden floors, barrels and chests.


  • When creating, the saw's quality affects the success chance.
  • Failing to create a plank has no effect on the log and no weight is lost from the log.
  • Scrap is created only when a plank is successfully made.
  • The maximum QL you can create for the plank is based on the QL of the log being used. i.e. You can not create a plank with better QL than what the log had.
  • Planks cannot be stored in a chest or a barrel.
  • Together with the carpentry skill, the saw skill determines the quality of the planks you create.

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