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Improving is the ability to increase an item's quality on success. However on failure you will damage the item and you must then repair it to continue improving. The quality increases by small amounts with each success or decreases when you repair after damaging the item. As the item's quality reaches the maximum you are able to produce (based on skill and equipment) you will begin to fail more often than succeed.

Basic Tools

This is a list of all the tools used for improving. Note that each skill area requires their own tools so, for example, lumps are used in smithing and chisels are used in masonry.

Items noted with a * might take longer to make or find than some of the others.

Hints and tips

  • Look at the improvement column in your inventory to quickly see what you need to do next
  • Always use raw materials that are a higher quality than the item you want to improve.
  • If you start to fail a lot, and are losing quality, it is usually a good idea to stop and maybe try later with better quality tools and/or higher skill.
  • Your skill (and equipment) affects the maximum quality you can reach - don't try to push it too far!
  • Improving takes time, make sure you have enough food & water for how long you intend to improve.

How to improve

To improve an items all you have to do is:

  1. Examine the item you want to improve to see what is needed (EG:/ log, chisel etc...)
  2. Activate the improvement item or tool
  3. Repair your item if needed.
  4. Right click -> Improve

Improving Bonuses

Usually when improving something, your skill will raise faster than with item creation.

It is a good idea to concentrate on certain items for certain skills such as a Statue for Masonry or a Wooden Fence for Carpentry

Hints and Tips

  • Wooden fences and walls can be improved with planks.
  • You must use a higher ql item to improve an item. You can not improve a 20ql mallet with a 1ql log.
  • Fences can be improved with out having to repair them.
  • Only raw materials must have a greater ql than the item your are repairing, tools do not need to be higher ql.
  • Ask fellow players for a spare pelt when starting out. Be nice!
  • You may be able to trade with a trader for a pelt, if someone else has sold one. Spindles and pottery jars can be useful to barter, and traders are generally found in starter towns.