Ivy trellis

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Ivy trellis
A Ivy trellis
Total materials
  • Ivy trellis (5.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.
Main / Skills / Nature / Gardening / Ivy trellis


Some ivy vines growing up a sturdy wooden trellis.

A decorative trellis created out of an ivy seedling, it cannot be harvested.


  • The seedling's quality determines the chance to create a trellis.
  • Failing to continue will damage the shaft or nails.
  • The final shaft attached will determine the trellis' wood type.
  • They cannot be loaded
  • They can be moved or picked up.
  • Improves like carpentry items but uses the gardening skill.
  • May be given a name which can be seen on the tooltip.

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