Grape trellis

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Grape trellis
A Grape trellis
Total materials
  • Grape trellis (5.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.


Some grape vines growing up a sturdy wooden trellis.

A decorative trellis created out of a grape sprout.

Creation and Improvement

  • The sprout's quality determines the chance to create a trellis, but a minimum of at least 10 gardening skill is required to start a trellis in all cases.
  • Improves using carpentry items/tools but uses the gardening skill for actual improvement and creation.
  • The final shaft attached will determine the trellis' wood type.
  • Trellis quality does not affect harvest or any aspect of the growing function. A quality level of 10 allows for securing, and higher quality provides better decay resistance off-deed, as is typical with most items.


  • It must be planted/secured in order to actually begin growth and reach eventual harvestability.
  • A maximum of 4 trellises of any type can be secured and utilized on any one tile.
  • It can be harvested when grape bushes are in season, using the gardening skill and a sickle.
  • Grapewood sprouts can be picked from a grape trellis.
  • They cannot be loaded
  • They can be moved and picked up.
  • May be given a name which can be seen on the tooltip.
  • Trellises age & grow slower than bushes.
  • Shriveled trellises will regrow to young over time.
  • Aside from obvious outward beauty, shininess, and posterity, rarity, unfortunately, has no effect on trellises.

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