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Action allowing large items which can not be picked up and held in inventory to be loaded into large carts, wagons, large ships and ship transporters.


Load: Embark the vehicle and right-click on the object, select Load cargo.
Unload: Right-click on the object in the vehicle inventory and select Unload cargo.


  • 23 body strength is required to load cargo.
  • Has a 10 second timer.
    • Loading and unloading is significantly faster on-deed.
  • Normal rules apply for having more than one large item on any tile, such as beds.

Vehicles that hold loadable cargo

From smallest to largest: Land Transportation: Large cart, Wagon | Water Transportation: Rowboat, Sailboat, Cog, Knarr, Corbita, Caravel

Alphabetical list of loadable items

Here are some examples of what can and can't be loaded.

May be loaded
Item Min. vehicle
Archery target Large cart, Wagon
Armour stand Large cart, Wagon
Bed Large cart, Wagon
Bench Large cart, Wagon
Bow rack Large cart, Wagon
Brazier pillar Wagon
Bulk storage bin Cog, Corbita, Knarr, Wagon - with size rune
Coffin Large cart, Wagon
Canopy bed Large cart, Wagon
Huge oil barrel Wagon
Huge tub Wagon
Large Barrel Rowboat
Large cart Caravel, Cog, Corbita or Knarr
Large chest Large cart, Wagon
Large crate Large cart, Wagon
Large dining table Large cart, Wagon
Large magical chest Large Cart, Wagon
Floor loom Wagon
Food storage bin Cog, Corbita, Wagon - with size rune
Forge Wagon, Large cart - with size rune
Ornate fountain Wagon
Oven Wagon, Large cart - with size rune
Small cart Large cart, Wagon
Small crate Large cart
Smelter Wagon
Statue Large cart, Wagon
Trash heap Wagon
Weapons rack Large cart, Wagon
Wagon Caravel, Corbita, Knarr

1 These items may be carried in the player's inventory when empty.

Cannot be loaded
Epic portal
Mail box
Spirit gate