Lurker in the deep

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Lurker in the deep
Lurker in the deep

Faith: 31
Favor: 30
Difficulty: 60
Target: Item
Casting time: 20 seconds


Only a Priest of Vynora can cast this spell

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Locates rare fishing spot tiles. These tiles do not move or disappear on their own. The tiles will change to a different special fish type at the beginning of a season change. Tiles can disappear if the terrain around them is modified.

The range is dependent on the server size:

  • 2048 tile servers will be power / 100 x 64 = tile radius.
  • 4096 servers will be power / 100 x 128 = tile radius.
  • 8192 servers will be power / 100 x 256 = tile radius.

Example: A cast power of 75 will give you 48, 96, 192 tile radius respectively.


  1. Activate your deity's statuette
  2. Right-click a pendulum.
  3. Select Spells > Lurker in the deep

Enchanted pendulum

The QL of the pendulum seems to affect the chance of getting a reading and the power level of the spell seems to affect the range at which fish are detected.


Using the pendulum damages it over time.

You concentrate on the silver pendulum.

  • Using the enchanted pendulum takes 12 seconds with full stamina, Wind of ages reduces this time.

The silver pendulum doesn't seem to move.

  • No rare fish in the range of your pendulum, you have to search somewhere else.

You fail to make sense of the silver pendulum.

  • You didn't succeed, just retry. Note that if you are too far away from a fishing spot you get more 'fails'.

The fishing spot is in front of you pretty close by.

  • Some tiles away.

The fishing spot is in front of you very close.

  • Only a few tiles.

The fishing spot is in front of you a stone's throw away!

  • One more tile to go.

You are practically standing on the fishing spot!