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Man trap
A Man trap
Total materials
  • Man trap (10.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


This one will hurt. A large steel jaw triggered by a spring that could chop off a foot or two.

The man trap is a trap used to damage the feet.


  • Creation success is influenced by the active dredge scraping lip.
  • Failure in creating will only damage the inactive dredge scraping lip; failure in continuing will damage the spring.
  • These are difficult to make and continue, around 45 blacksmithing is recommended.
  • The success rate is highly dependent on the quality of the material.



Man traps are placed on grass and dirt tiles, the traps skill affects the placement chance.


  • The man trap is small enough to fit into a small cart.
  • Improving man traps takes a large amount of steel, so it is not advisable for skill gain alone.
  • With a high blacksmithing skill, these traps are the easiest and most efficient trap to create, requiring only 3 kg of steel to complete.
  • Only works on servers with PvP enabled.