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Military tent
A Military tent
Total materials
  • Military tent (3.50kg)
Skill and improvement


This is the standard tent for military actions. The name of the owner, XXX, has been etched on a pole.


A military tent can be used by players as a spawn point, as a temporary storage, and as a hitching post for one animal. To place the tent right click it in your inventory and select drop. You will need at least 2×2 area that is free of any items for placement.

Players can:

  • lockpick and pick up other players' tents on PVP servers
  • Pick up other players' tents on PvE servers when they are unlocked
  • They come pre-locked upon completion, however, can be locked with a small or large padlock
  • Hold 100 items
  • Place them in mines
  • Bash tents of other players if they are on your friends list or live on the same deed
  • Place them on a deed you are a citizen of.

You cannot:

  • Dye tents,
  • Load onto vehicles using the load ability,
  • Repair tents

How to Give a Tent to Another Player

  • Take your tent lock off (with right-click).
  • Trade the tent to another player/character.
  • That player adds their own lock.
  • The tent now belongs to the new player.
  • Newbie tents cannot be traded.


  • To use it as a respawn point on PvP servers, it must be placed in your kingdom's area of influence. On PvE servers, the tent will work as a respawn point from anywhere that it is placed on the ground.
  • While being created the tent will weigh more than the completed tent. Upon completion the weight of the tent will return to 3.50KG.
  • When finishing building it, the tent will drop on ground.
  • Can have different textures if created in different PvP kingdoms - only the final piece must be attached while on Chaos for it to be created of that kingdom's template.