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A Moss
  • Max flat speed: 10.04km/h
  • Can be created by players?: Yes
  • Underground: No
  • Can be planted on a cultivated dirt tile

Main / Terrain / Moss


Moss is green, slimy stuff that grows in random places all over Wurm.


  • You cannot run very fast when walking through it, so do not head toward moss when being chased by a ravenous beast of some sort.
  • Moss can be used in the creation of torches and as fuel for a fire.
  • Can be planted on a cultivated dirt tile.
  • Can be cultivated to dirt.
  • Small moss can be taken and used for bait when fishing
  • Animals will not graze on Moss tiles.
  • Moss will spread onto grass, steppe, and dirt.
  • Transmutation liquid on a moss tile can create tundra.