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Main / Skills / Firemaking / Torch

A Torch
Total materials
  • Torch (1.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


A piece of wood with tar and moss. It is made from [wood type].

A simple torch, used for lighting up an area when it is dark. Useful for exploring mines, or journeys at night.


  • Use a steel and flint on it to light it and it will provide light for at least 2*QL minutes.


  • The volume of a torch is 0.75 L.
  • The get price in iron is QL 2 x 0.5.
  • The torch's wood type will be the same as the shaft used to make it.
  • Creation chance for the torch is determined by Firemaking skill and tar quality.
  • The finished torch's quality is influenced by Firemaking skill, shaft quality, and moss quality.
  • Average quality loss from materials to the finished torch is medium compared to other non-improve items, and regarding this loss it's comparable to a door lock or a mooring rope.
  • Vynora gets double favor from sacrificing a torch which effectively makes it as good as sacrificing cordage rope on a quality for quality basis.