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Freedom / The Empire of Mol-Rehan
Seahaven Valley
Builder, Miner, Blacksmith, Carpenter

Laureltrees, Alecto, Megera, Tisiphone, Finnsfarmer (GV)

Docterchese is a Wurm Online player and former Wurm team member. Having played since October 2011, Doc has lived on many of the servers on the Freedom Isles, including two years of PvP experience on Chaos. Initially beginning as a carpenter, Doc has since shifted her focus into mining and blacksmithing, amongst many other skills in which she specialises. Additionally, Doc has ran a number of (mediocre) priest alts over the years.

On the Wurm team, she was originally a Public Relations Assistant (PRA) between August 2012 (when the role was originally created) and January 2014, re-joining the team again in April 2015 and becoming PR Manager for a brief period before stepping down at the end of 2015.

Currently, Doc lives on the Independence server at Seahaven Valley, a modest deed on the western coast of the Inner Sea.


First Years on the Freedom Isles

Docterchese began life on Exodus on the 15th October 2011, first settling on a beach in the north of the server. After a month spent there alongside neighbour and mentor Daimex, Doc relocated south to Sheriff. 3 months later, Doc moved with friends and founded Cormorant Isle Trading Post in February 2012, in the north of the server, on an island very near to the first place Doc settled. CITP also acquired the nearby Tiffin's Castle Market, which was used as a farm and support deed. However, after around 2 and a 1/2 months and despite the deed being mostly completed, Docterchese took the decision to sell CITP and disband Tiffin's. Many of the original villagers had left, and whoever remained fought against each other - Doc was young and maybe not the best of mayors...

Doc then eloped to Deliverance to live at Miya, remaining there for 5 months starting in May 2012 under the mayorship of her friend Mishia (and later, Kitaelia). The town was barely a week old when she arrived. Miya was a large deed located in the south-western forests of the server. The town grew to encompass many local deeds in the "Brotherhood of Cake" alliance.

It was around this time that Doc joined the Wurm team for the first time as a Public Relations Assistant (PRA). Her experiences in the team over the next few years were tons of fun, and led to long-term friendships with Wossoo (the Public Relations Manager at the time) and Maximusi, a fellow PRA. In fact, she first met Max at the Guild of Artificers Summer Festival while organising the boat racing there. Applications for PRA were open at the time and she encouraged Max to apply - the rest was history!

Back in-game, Doc bought a local deed on the west coast of Deliverance for Miya to use as a port, A Captain's Hideaway, before eventually moving to live there full-time in October 2012. Doc originally intended to sell Captain's in the long term, potentially moving to Independence, but instead decided to remain there and use it as a base of operations. As of January 2013 the deed began formally recruiting villagers, the first of whom was Frozencanadian.

But then in May of that year, Doc bought Miya when it went up for sale. Doc originally intended that it would become a special deed for priests, but later decided that the impulse purchase would not be worth the amount of time it would take up. Reluctantly, Miya was sold on 3 months later in August. It was huge, and too much for one person!

PvP on Chaos

In July 2013, Doc also began PvPing on the Chaos server with the Empire of Mol Rehan, staying at Kratos and enjoying the change of scenery and gameplay. By October 2013, with Captain's reaching a natural low in villager numbers, Doc made the decision to sell the deed and move full-time to Chaos to live at Ravenholm, under the mayorship of long-standing MR player Reincarnation (aka Balmore).

Moving to Ravenholm was both a practical decision and a gameplay one. Practically, it would make playing Wurm easier (because trying to play on priest alts living on a different server isn't fun) - while in terms of playing the game, it offered Doc a way to do something new. Doc got involved with recruitment at the deed through use of "PR Skillz," and soon created an immaturely high 2x2 tower to live in. By February 2014, Doc had received the title of Elder at the village and began the construction of a brand new temple at the deed.

In July 2014, Doc was elected as Prime Minister of Mol Rehan, furthering the use of her "PR Skillz" to aid in recruitment for the kingdom. At Ravenholm, her playstyle was more relaxed, PvPing occasionally but mostly focusing on projects around the deed, including the construction of Ravenholm's colossal walls and a large temple at the deed. It was also around this time that she grinded more skills, reaching a number of milestones including 70 in fighting, large metal shield, blacksmithing and meditating.

Brief Return to Freedom

In the Autumn of 2015, Doc briefly set up a deed called Laurel in south-west Independence, in an attempt to cure some Wurm burnout and take it easy on Freedom for a while. She also left the staff team at a similar time in November 2015, citing no hard feelings: she simply didn't have the time to continue as PR manager as IRL at the time was way too busy (due to university).

Unfortunately, Laurel as a deed was short-lived, and never saw much progress. After 5 years of playing Wurm with 3200 hours playtime on her main account alone, Doc had played a lot and simply didn't have much left to do in the game. Laurel fell into inactivity in the spring of 2016, and was quietly disbanded by upkeep in 2017.

Along with countless happy memories from years of playing, Doc moved on from Wurm for good to pastures new.

Or so she thought...

2022 Return

On April 17th, 2022, Doc decided to reinstall Wurm after six years away from the game, curious about what had changed. By total coincidence, a long-term friend from Doc's Wurm team days, Maximusi, happened to be online, having also decided to retry Wurm just two weeks prior! Doc went to join Max's new deed, Seahaven Valley, on the west coast of Independence's Inner Sea, in the alliance of the Shepherds of Gnome. In no small part thanks to the many wonderful people in the Shepherds of Gnome, Doc fell in love with Wurm again. As it turns out, all she needed was a really big break from the game...

Most of her return so far has been focused on getting re-established and grinding skills. In addition, Doc is finally working on making a good priest - starting a new Vynora priest account, Laureltrees, on May 20th. She may also eventually make Fo, Magranon and Libila priests on three additional alts - Alectro, Megera and Tisiphone - which all entered the portal to the lands of Wurm on July 31st.

With skills to grind, a deed idea brewing and a lovely community of Wurmians around her, who knows where Doc's Wurm journey will go next...

Current goals

This is a little list to remind myself of things I can work on. Currently, in 2022, I want to focus on grinding (since I have a lot of high skills that I can finally push to 90), work around the village, and on getting the basics down on my priest alt Laureltrees.

Current skillgain targets

Primary goals for 2022:

  • 20 → 70 Cloth Tailoring
  • 73 → 80 Meditation + Level 12 Path
  • 75 → 90 Mining
  • 77 → 90 Blacksmithing
  • 70 → 90 Fine Carpentry
  • 80 → 90 Carpentry
  • 20 → 60/80/90 Prospecting (preferably 90, but 60 as a minimum)
  • Do as much of the journal as I can until I get stuck at a level

Additional combat-related goals:

  • Learn the staff skill
  • Better aggressive fighting + other subskills
  • Grind large metal shield more
  • 80+ FS

Priest targets

Laureltrees, for 2022:

  • 21 Body Control
  • 30 Meditation
  • 90 Ropemaking
  • 90+ Channeling (preferably: 95)
  • 100 Faith (this one might have to wait until 2023)

Future skillgain targets

Some of these might get completed before my main goals if and when needed

  • 70 → 90 Woodcutting
  • 73 → 90 Masonry
  • 85 → 90 Digging (will happen eventually I'm sure)
  • 50 in Shipbuilding, Cooking stuff
  • 20 → 70 Healing (I want the [Doctor] title - although given that this requires about ~95 First Aid skill, it's fiendishly difficult)
  • 80 → 90 Meditation (because masochism)
  • 90 Shieldsmithing (for the journal + so I can imp my darn shields)

Niarja links

You can view Doc's skill progress on her main and her alts on the third party skill comparison site Niarja:

Other Info


  • The first ever ore type Doc mined was in fact gold, in a mine in the hills near to Esert, the Exodus server start town. Doc then proceeded to make a gold bowl, Doc's first item (1ql of course!) that later disappeared from a garden in Sheriff.
  • The first animal to kill Doc was a scorpion south of Esert. Doc was then later killed by another scorpion...
  • The first house Doc built was in fact sized 2x1, having worked out that making all the planks for the house first would give enough carpentry skill to plan a larger house, tehe.
  • Having built the Golden Hind as a first boat, Doc spent a week travelling around the entire Exodus server.
  • Doc was effectively homeless between February 2012 to August 2013, despite still playing regularly! (Never settled down in one place long enough to have a proper house built...)
  • Doc once tried to solo a sea serpent, but gave up after over an hour of continuous (no hops!) fighting. They don't hit well but they're pretty strong!

Events Attended

  • January 2012 - Exodus impalong hosted by Elwood.
  • February 2012 - 2nd Slaying Attempt of Erik the Red Dragon on Independence.
  • March 2012 - 4th Akhenaten Fighting Tournament
  • July 2012 - Guild of Artificers Summer Festival (ran the boat racing and finished second in the Iron Wurmian competition)
  • December 2012 to January 2013 - Winter Impalong (Willow's last)
  • February 2013 - 5th Akhenaten Fighting Tournament (won the 3rd League 60-69FS division)
  • September 2013 - 6th Akhenaten Fighting Tournament at Tap Dance Market
  • December 2013 - Deliverance Winter Impalong hosted by Battlepants
  • June 2022 - Slaying of the Goblin that Believed (Independence)
  • July 2022 - Double Dragon Slaying (Xanadu)
  • July 2022 - 5th Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Pristine)

Raids Attended on Chaos (big ones & little ones)

  • August 2013 - Commorragh
  • October 2013 - League of Gentlemen
  • October 2013 - Guardians of the Light
  • November 2013 - The Damned
  • January 2014 - Pardranor
  • January 2014 - Whorefrost Hill
  • March 2014 - Sparta
  • April 2014 - Slate Hill
  • June 2014 - Bloodwode Fortress (organised)
  • August 2014 - Kyara
  • August 2014 - South of Heaven
  • September 2014 - The Legion Riders
  • November 2014 - Commorragh II
  • December 2014 - Bloodwode Fortress II
  • February 2015 - Commorragh III
  • April 2015 - Utopia

All Appearances on Chaos Deathtabs

02-08-13 Commorragh Raid: [22:55:52] Tiu slain by Nadroj Emoo Camobeast Docterchese Togiodi Red Fevfev Demondan Jberg Infinitai Carmichael

02-08-13 Commorragh Raid: [22:56:08] Daolin slain by Docterchese Camobeast Emoo Nadroj Togiodi Fevfev Zarmazarmaex Demondan Jberg Infinitai Carmichael

26-09-13 Soloing a HotA goes wrong, Big Oops: [21:27:37] Docterchese slain by Norad

22-11-13 Trying to trap a JK retreat from Fort Freedom raid: [19:56:02] Umbranik slain by Miniroll Emoo Docterchese Red Christa Bonefly

03-01-14 Removing a thief from kingdom: [22:35:35] Kingen slain by Battlepaw Docterchese Freddy Dderick

19-01-14 It always helps if you spar when you spar...: [16:36:19] Jberg slain by Docterchese

22-03-14 Sparta Raid: [14:42:26] Atazs slain by Blinksyrevived Emoo Nightfall Docterchese Kharm Demondan Taya Jberg Carmichael

22-03-14 Sparta Raid: [15:26:10] Rockybalboa slain by Embolism Nightfall Roman Baddbob Brandonsf Alaskanbob Docterchese Revelation Red Demondan Taya Kriet Jberg Worldtender

18-04-14 Slate Hill Raid: [23:04:05] Dagobert slain by Miniroll Docterchese Felinas Red Redhawk Mcdaniel Horton Nightfall Garrettwademan Christa Reincarnation

02-08-14 Kyara Raid: [13:05:39] Smackeddown slain by Docterchese Emoo Redhawk Fevfev Cita Garrettwademan Cienio Zarmazarmaex Jberg Rosie Zivirt

13-09-14 Falcon's Landing Defence: [22:44:29] Zerocool slain by Docterchese Christa Reincarnation Caradal Jukimo Redhawk Jberg Drsatan Cita

13-09-14 Falcon's Landing Defence: [22:47:14] Noob slain by Docterchese Horton Christa Mcdaniel Eroing Sklo Jukimo Redhawk Drsatan Jberg Zivirt

13-09-14 Falcon's Landing Defence: [22:47:25] Hempfire slain by Docterchese Pinejon Christa Mcdaniel Embolism Drsatan Zivirt

13-09-14 Falcon's Landing Defence: [22:47:59] Lockehalfblood slain by Docterchese Horton Reincarnation Mcdaniel Christa Sklo Eroing Jukimo Redhawk Embolism Jberg Zivirt

05-10-14 PvP at Charon's Crossing: [21:08:50] Rolandt slain by Emoo Pinejon Jukimo Redhawk Maciejkow Docterchese Miniroll Embolism Rosie Red

05-10-14 PvP at Charon's Crossing: [21:09:50] Mawej slain by Emoo Pinejon Jukimo Redhawk Docterchese Miniroll Embolism Rosie Red