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A Kiln
Total materials
  • Kiln
Skill and improvement


A large kiln made from bricks with a clay inner lining and covered in dirt. The purpose is to fire clay items.


Activate the brick, right-click the brick, and select Create > Furnaces > kiln. The unfinished kiln will drop in front of you on the ground. Right-click it with either another clay or stone brick activated, and choose Continue building.

  • Subsequent clay can be taken from a single big lump piece by piece. However, the lump will become progressively more damaged if you fail attaching it.

To light the kiln activate a steel and flint with a kindling in your inventory, then to fuel the kiln activate any wooden item, right click the kiln and select Burn.

Burn time

The quality level of a kiln affects both how long it stays lit for and how long it takes to heat up items.



  • 3 large pottery amphoras may be placed inside of a kiln.
  • 7 small pottery amphoras may be placed inside of a kiln.
  • Some items may be placed on the kiln as decoration, but any wooden/flammable items will be burnt up.
  • Does not take damage on a settlement while the upkeep is greater than 30 days.
  • After use, can be cleaned with a shovel to produce ash.
  • Rendered kiln takes one additional clay to create.
  • Loadable in wagons.
Kiln material types