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Pottery planter
A Pottery planter
  • Pottery planter (0.60 kg)
Skill and improvement


A clay planter hardened by fire.


  • Can plant herbs or spices by activating the seed, right-clicking on the pottery planter > plant [herb/spice]
  • You can harvest from these plants occasionally by right-clicking on the planter > pick


The herbs and spices that can be planted are listed below.



  • Cumin
  • Ginger
  • Paprika (you must pick seeds first by right-click > pick seeds)
  • Turmeric (you must pick seeds first by right-click > pick seeds)


  • The herbs or spices planted will die over time.
    • Frequent harvesting helps them last longer.
  • On-deed, flowers growing in a pottery planter appear to live indefinitely.
  • The quality of the picked product is determined by your gardening skill, but uses the harvester formula.
  • Cannot be watered.
  • Can be planted or secured if the pottery planter is above 10 effective quality.
  • Planters have approximately 1 month life span (real time), affected by the following lines:
    • You successfully picked a XXXX, it now looks healthier. (adds a bit to the life span)
    • You broke off more than needed and damaged the plant, but still managed to get a XXXX. (lowers the life span a bit)

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