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A Reed
  • Max flat speed: {{{speed}}}
  • Can be created by players?: Yes
  • Underground: No
  • Reed tiles can be created by Planting reed seeds on shallow water tiles.


Reed tiles occur naturally underwater and spread like grass tiles.

Reed plants can be gathered using a sickle or scythe. Other sharp tools work too but limit the reed to 20 QL. Reed tiles can also be botanized.

If you dig on a reed tile, you create a dirt tile. All the reed tiles surrounding the digged corner will also turn into dirt tiles.

You can pack reed tiles with a shovel to convert them to packed dirt, e.g. for faster movement or for preparing them to be cultivated into dirt or paved.


  • Planting reed seeds underwater creates reed tiles.
  • Sowing reed seeds underwater creates reed fields instead of reed tiles.
  • Gathering reed gives gardening skill.
  • Reed fields do grow back over time.
  • Reed seeds can now be planted in shallow water to create natural reed tiles. They require a depth of 29 dirts or less, on tiles with a slope of 20 or less.