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A Scythe
  • Scythe (1.20 kg)
Skill and improvement


A long pole with a half meter long sharp blade, used for cutting grass or harvesting crops.


  • Used to harvest cereals and other crops.
  • Can cut down trees.
  • As a bladed weapon it can be used to butcher.
  • A viable weapon with the same stats of a halberd.
  • On a grass tile to make a cut grass tile, resulting in mixed grass or hay.

Weapon Stats

  • Strength: 0.45 (Similar to the two handed sword)
  • Attack Speed: 5 seconds (4 in aggressive mode)
  • Damage Type: Cutting
  • Parry Rate: Rate uncertain, but capable of parrying.
  • Wielding: Two-hander (can't use a shield with it)


  • Can be used to chop trees/bushes to skill the weapon up to 20.

Skills & Characteristics

When using a scythe

When creating a scythe


  • Harvester at 50 skill
  • Reaper at 70 skill
  • Hand of Libila at 90 skill
  • Reaper of Souls at 100 skill