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Main / Skills / Mining / Salt

A Salt

Mined from some cave tiles,
Granted as a gift from praying

  • Salt (0.001 kg)
Skill and improvement

Fine white, chunky salt.


Salt can be found on certain ore and rock tiles while mining as well as milling Rock salt which is mined from Rocksalt. The maximum QL of the salt will be capped by your mining skill or the maximum QL of the rock/ore tile, whichever is lower. It can also be granted as a gift to a follower or priest when praying.


  • Salt can be used in cooking in place of an herb.
  • If included in meals, salt reduces the decay by half.
  • Salt is also used in the creation of Animal rugs.
  • It is a popular misconception that putting salt in a barrel with food decreases decay. This have been proven as untrue.

^You can mill salt from rock salt at 11 milling


If you have a prospecting skill of at least 40, you can prospect a tile and see if it contains salt.

Placing a salt (or any food item) into your bank will cause it to immediately take some damage. The Event window will state "the salt gets dirty."