Spirit house

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Spirit house
A Spirit house
Total materials
  • Spirit house
Skill and improvement


A wooden mailbox fashioned in the way of a small house. - If enchanted with either Courier or Dark Messenger a message will be displayed: "so it seems to be possessed by something. (x)"


  • A failure on casting Courier or Dark Messenger cannot shatter the mailbox. Enchanting multiple times has a chance of improving the cast without any risk.
  • The quality of the finished mailbox does not effect the mail system but will reduce the decay rate of the mailbox itself.
  • The spirit house appears as creatable around 30 fine carpentry. The plank QL increases the chance of success, while the small nails will be damaged upon failure. Once it is completed, it cannot be picked up. It can be moved by right clicking it using 'push' or 'pull' move options.

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