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Spirit castle
A Spirit castle
Total materials
  • Spirit castle
Skill and improvement


A Stone Mailbox fashioned in the way of a small castle.. - If enchanted with either Courier or Dark Messenger a message will be displayed: "so it seems to be possessed by something. (x)"


  • The spirit castle is a very difficult item to create and may not even be displayed as an option for less experienced masons. Attempting to create a usable castle can be an exercise in frustration below 40-50 skill. (7% at 35 Masonry/42% at 55.35 Masonry)
  • The quality of the Stone Brick affects the success rate on the initial creation. When continuing to build, the quality of the items affects the success of adding the item to the spirit castle. A small amount of damage will occur on the item if you fail at adding said item.
  • Once enchanted with Courier or Dark Messenger by a priest, the mailbox can be used to transport mail to other players. A failure on casting Courier or Dark Messenger cannot shatter the mailbox. Enchanting multiple times has a chance of improving the cast without any risk.
  • The quality of the finished mailbox does not affect the mail system but will reduce the decay rate of the mailbox itself.
  • The spirit castle may not be loaded or picked up after completion, but may be pushed.

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