Stick trap

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Stick trap
A Stick trap
Total materials
  • Stick trap (50.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


"A devious trap made from sharp sticks that will be hard to detect in the grass"

Trigger message: "A stick trap triggers and hits you with full force!"

The stick trap is a trap used to slow players by damaging the legs.


  • Creation success is influenced by the active large nails.
  • Failure in creating will damage both the large nails and the plank; failure in continuing will damage the item being added.
  • These are moderately easy to start and continue; about 20 carpentry is recommended.
  • The success rate is highly dependent on the quality of the material.



  • Stick are placed on grass and dirt tiles, the traps skill affects the placement chance.
  • Failed trap setting message: "Sadly, you fail to set the trap correctly. The trap triggers and is destroyed."
  • Only works on servers with PvP enabled.


  • The trap's volume is very large (50kg); a single trap is too big to fit in a small cart.
  • Improving these is an adequate way to train carpentry.
  • These are arguably the easiest traps to create, at least in the availability of parts.
  • An unarmored player can take two leg wounds of up to 20 damage each from a 50QL stick trap.