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A multi-story stone structure.


A stone house is stronger than a regular wooden house. A stone house takes more skills and resources to build, but offers more protection from decay, theft, and invaders.



  1. Create a building plan for your future structure, this step is the same for both wooden and stone houses.
  2. Activate a trowel, right-click the wall plan, and select your desired wall type.
  3. With the trowel activated, right-click the wall plan, and select Continue building until the wall, window, or door is finished.
  • You need to have at least one stone brick and 2kg (as one piece) of mortar in your inventory to start a wall or continue building it. A wall needs 20 actions to finish, each action consuming one stone brick and 2kg of mortar.
  • The stone brick and mortar will be consumed at the end of the action.
  • A building plan with no walls will decay in a few days, make sure you start at least one wall.
  • The wall starts at 1QL. Each action including creating the wall adds (Mortar QL + Brick QL)/21 to the wall. The completed wall therefore has a quality of up to 1QL + 20 * (Mortar QL + Brick QL)/21. Depending on your masonry skill and quality of the tools you may get more or less on each action.

Inner walls

To plan inner walls activate a mallet or trowel, right-click a tile border inside the house and select Plan > Inner wall. On the wall plan select a wall type and continue as explained above.

Note: Only someone with modify building permissions can add inner walls.

Tools required

Items required


  • You must repair any damage on the walls with a stone brick before improving it.
  • Activate a stone brick, right-click the wall and select Repair or Improve.
  • The effective quality of the stone brick is affected by its damage and your masonry skill, it must be higher than the wall's current quality.

Skills used

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At least 30 skill in masonry is required in order to build a stone house, a player with less than 30 skill in masonry can not start or continue building a stone house.


  • 1kg of dye is needed to colour one stone house wall.

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