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A Tar

Max flat speed: 4.90 km/h
Terrain type: Natural
Player made: No
Underground: No


Tar tiles can be created by using Transmutation liquid on steppe tiles.



Black, greasy, sticky tar.

Dig this tile with a shovel to get tar. Tar is used in the construction of various items, protecting layers of wooden floor boards from weather, and as a fuel source, mostly for lanterns and lamps. It can also be burned as fuel in ovens and forges.


Tar tiles can be raised by dropping dirt or sand on the corners. They can be flattened with the Level command if you have 70 or more skill in digging.


  • Digging on tiles adjacent to the northwest corner of a tar tile only yields tar.
  • Provides an infinite amount of tar.
  • Tar can be dug from below water level with a dredge.
  • Tar tiles can not be removed or changed to another type of tile.
  • You can raise tar tiles by dropping dirt or sand on the corners.