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Skills on the Epic servers do not work as they do on the Classic servers. They follow a 'curve' where skill gain is faster at lower levels, and drops off the higher skills get. The result is that players reach a certain level of skill more quickly, allowing new players to reach competitive levels more quickly, whilst retaining some benefit for more experienced players.

Skills in the skill window are still listed at their non-curve level however.

Due to The Curve the creation of certain items will unlock at a lower skill than listed on this wiki.

Free accounts do not follow the curve on the Epic servers. Once premium time has been bought the skills will follow The Curve, with no change to the listed skill.

Skill gain is also faster at lower levels due to this curve.


The Curve's formula is y = 2x-(x/10)^2, where y is the "effective skill" and x is the raw skill number. For example, at 50 raw skill in mining, one can get 75 max. ql of ore, since their effective skill is 2*50-(50/10)^2, which equals 75 effective skill. The reverse formula for this equation is -10*((100-y)^(1/2)-10) = x.


The following is an incomplete list of skills and abilities that do not follow the curve on the Epic servers:

Helpful Tools

  • WolframAlpha (Add "if x is" followed by skill to calculate a single value.)
  • A Google search can show a graph of The Curve's formula as a graph.