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The humble ZeldaGold

You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 2 of the starfall of the Leaf, 1048. That's 1380 days, 23 hours and 37 minutes ago. (1/23/2019)

Probly gona rework all this as i made it and not really a fan of it already....

And Alts

  • Vyntregold
    • Vynora Priest who is not the best at doing much
  • Linkgold
    • A soon to be battery
  • Hyrule
    • A stay on deed alt/bank


Just a regular player doing normal things. My passion is building and designing structures both in game and out. My normal playtime is usally evenings and weekends my time.

I first joined and played under a forgotten name on the GV tutorial server, as i wasent allowed to use parents paypal it was quickly lived as playing with 20 skill became sad.

Kamoto was my first real prem character who i traveled with before finally settling down on xan when it was Available to settle.

  • Catch me on discord Golden #3449
  • On the wurm forums (same name)


  • Brotherhood of Steel - Exo - Disbanded
    • Mayer - Home
  • MOP - Pristine - active
    • Villager, with Seedlings, Hypamania, & Windowskey
  • TriForce Heroes - Xan - active
    • Mayor - Weekend housing/storage


catch me playing Torn as Zeldagold


  • leave a quote if you like
  • quotes sayed
    • [11:26:48] <Darwin> I refuse to see another passion of the christ movie unless jesus has a line "You've Crossed the wrong guy!"

Cheat Sheet edit

Click edit and copy whatever you need, or check out how its done

At the very top type  for no table of context
  • Bullet
  • Whaaa, a sub bullet...

Make it clickable - Oak

Wait you can make it Clickable but go somewhere else....

Secret to jumping in WURM Space

Do you HEAR me now? - Hollywood

What dos your event say? Mine says After you finish digging you will start digging again.

Whats the title again, ohh yeah Zelda

I was told to talk to Wolfey about tables... NAHH

Expand or title, delete ^ that line

Row 1 Ohh 2 Noo,3 really
Caravel 220.000 66.000
Catapult 18.048
Cog 36.488 10.946
Knarr 169.600 50.880
Large cart 15.000
Small cart 5.000
Small sailing boat 5.000 1.500

Pretty Awesome Colors


  1. what rules
  2. that rule

Yo Titles

  • Check da Code - bullets per line
  • ==Name== makes a main title but ===Name=== is a sub category
  • if you want a category title try ====Name====