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A Caravel
Total materials
Material Breakdown
  • Caravel
Skill and improvement
  • This item has two dyeable sections.
  • Can be dyed using 220000/66000g of paint.


An impressive merchant ship.

Vessel details

  • Passengers: 1 Captain + 13 crew
  • Maximum speed: 30.88km/h (solo)
  • Maximum speed: 34.13km/h (full crew)
  • Hold Capacity: >86 000 kg (100 rafts full of stone shards)
  • Creature Cage Capacity: 8
  • Size: 5 tiles by 3 tiles (?)
  • Height: 35 dirt from water level to deck(?)
  • Weight: 2450kg (35 strength minimum to drag)
  • Requires 20 dirt water depth


  • Has permission management.
  • 24 mind logic is required to command this ship.
  • Its size and depth requirements may prohibit passing through many canals or cave canals.
  • You do not have to have 35 strength to avoid beaching the boat - so long as it is not moored, you can still push and pull the boat off of a reef.
  • Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded.
    • This includes ships whose damage percentage would calculate to bring the quality below 10 (eg. a 12 quality ship with 17 damage calculates to a ship below 10 quality).
    • Repairing a ship can sometimes result in the ship retaining a quality above 10, thus being commandable once again.
  • The most difficult ships to build. Higher quality parts improves chance of success.
  • Caravel can be started at 34 with a 35ql keel or better, 6% chance.
  • it needs 220 kg of dye for wooden part and 66 kg for sails.

Loadable Items

List is a work in progress.

Non-loadable items

See Load cargo for exhaustive list of loadable/non-loadable items by smallest vehicle type.

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Boat speeds are relative and depend greatly on weather conditions.