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A Knarr
Total materials
  • Knarr
Skill and improvement


A ship with a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets, and one mast with a square yard sail. In insufficient winds it is rowed with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side.

The second largest ship possible to construct. Has permission management.

Knarrs are fast ships (and can be made slightly faster with specific Runes) that are primarily used for cross-server travel, with the advantage that their speed isn't affected nearly as much as other ships in low winds. Due to their speed, crew capacity, expansive cargo, and shallow draft, knarrs are very popular among PVP raiders.


  • 23 Mind Logic is required to command
  • You need 29 Body Strength to drag a Knarr.
  • To view creation chance see Keel section, as the quality of the passive keel used in creation largely factors into % chance.

Vessel details

  • Passengers: 1 Captain + 12 crew.
  • Maximum total crew: 13
  • Maximum speed (solo): 27 km/h
  • Maximum speed (full crew): Unknown
  • Hold Capacity: >20,000 Volume (100 rafts)
  • Creature Cage Capacity: 4
  • Size: 4 tiles by 1 tiles
  • Height: 8 dirt from water level to deck(?)
  • Total Dye Needed:
  • 169.600 for the hull.
  • 50.880 for the sails and shields.

Total Components


  • Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded.
    • This includes ships whose damage percentage would calculate to bring the quality below 10 (eg. a 12 quality ship with 17 damage calculates to a ship below 10 quality).
    • Repairing a ship can sometimes result in the ship retaining a quality above 10, thus being commandable once again.
  • One of the most difficult ships to build. Higher quality of parts being attached improves chance of success.
  • Knarrs show in the creation list when Cogs are between 13% and 14%, and Corbitas are at 27%
  • Shallow draft allows for passage at depths that would stop other large ships.
  • Can fit 43 Large crates and 1 Small crate inside.
  • Can fit four creature cages + wagon (if the wagon is loaded first).

Loadable Items

List is a work in progress.

Non-loadable items

See Load cargo for exhaustive list of loadable/non-loadable items by smallest vehicle type.

Ships and boats:

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