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Faith: 31
Favor: 5+
Difficulty: 70
Target: Item
Casting time: 30 seconds


Only a Priest of Vynora, Magranon, Fo, Libila can cast this spell

Main / Religion / Spells / Vessel


This spell stores favor in gems, depending on the QL of the gem, and your current amount of favor. You need at least 7.5 favor to cast vessel but it will only use a min of 5 favor on casting. If the gem is less than 10QL, the gem is not filled but the priest loses 5 favor and can gain channeling skill as usual and the gem loses 3QL in the 5 to 10QL range and random below 5QL. If the gem is above 10QL, you can still cast Vessel on it starting from 7.5 favor, then use it, and it will lose between 3.5 to 4.5QL, and you can cast Vessel on it again and again (until it reaches 0 QL of course, in which case it will vanish)


  1. Activate a statuette of your god
  2. Right-click a gem
  3. Select Spells > Vessel

Using the gem

  1. Right-click the gem
  2. Select Use

If the gem is over 10QL it will lose QL when you use it, depending on the amount of favor to regenerate. You cannot use the gem to store favor when the QL is below 10.

Favor Used to Fill a Gem

The amount of favor used to fill a gem with favor completely is the QL plus 5, so a 20QL gem would require 25 favor to fill completely.

Gems can also be part filled with favor, but once part filled they can not be topped off with additional favor.

Favor Stored in Gem

The amount of favor stored in a gem is double the amount used to fill the gem

Upon examining a gem the approximate amount of favor stored can be found from the power emitted.

Favor Amount Message
1 - 10 It emits faint power.
10 - 16.50* It emits some power.
16.50* - 50 It emits power.
51 - 100 It emits quite a lot of power.
101 - 150 It emits very much power.
150+ It emits huge amounts of power

∗ The mark of denotation is somewhere between 16.38 and 16.65. It was averaged to 16.50

Example of storing and using Vessel

Assume that the Priest has 50 Faith and a therefore a maximum of 50 Favor. The priest also has a gem of 25QL

If the priest had 30 favor and cast vessel on the 25QL gem their favor would drop to 0 and the gem would be completely filled with power, as the favor to completely fill a gem is the QL plus 5 Favor.

Now the priest, not wanting to wait to regain favor naturally uses the gem at once "You feel a rush of blood to your head as the power from the gem enters your body." the QL of the gem drops to almost 0 and the priests favor jumps up to 50. This is because the amount of favor used to fill the gem (not including the 5 used to cast) is doubled and given back to the priest.


Although you can vessel a gem only once, you can absorb it over and over till its empty so a gem over 50ql can potentially fill your favor up multiple times. (You can vessel a gem more than once, if you don't fill it up completely. For example if you start casting Vessel at 7.5 favor, you will fill it up with approximately 2.5 favor (gain 5 favor on use), then when you use it the gem will lose around 3-4QL and can be revesseled and reused until it disappears after reaching below 0QL)

A Priest can not use a linked priest's favor when vesseling. (You use your own, but not the link'ed priests)