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Wagoner container
A Wagoner container
Total materials
  • Wagoner container (6.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A container that can hold up to 20 large crates and is used as a collection point for bulk deliveries.

A wagoner container is used to hold crates for delivery via wagoner. It can hold a maximum of 20 large crates, 34 small crates, or a combination of both.


  • A wagoner container must be planted on a waystone to be used. This is done by holding the wagoner container in your inventory, Activating it, right-clicking the Waystone (not the ground!), and selecting Plant.
    • Note that they cannot be placed on the same waystone as the wagoner.
  • To send a crate to a player with a wagoner, first load crates into the wagoner container by dragging and dropping crates into its dialog from a vehicle. When ready to send, right click on the wagoner container and click "Setup a delivery". The following dialog will pop up:
  • You will be given a list of wagoners that are available on the highway system the wagoner container is attached to, with some useful information including how far away it is from the container, and how many deliveries it has in queue. Choose a wagoner, and type the player name you wish to send to. Then click next.
  • You will get a summary, and then be able to choose what you would like to charge the player for your delivery. There is a fee of 1 copper coin per crate, which you can choose to charge to yourself or the recipient. Once ready, click "Add to [wagoner name's] queue".


You can cancel a delivery from a queue if the recipient has not yet accepted by right clicking the wagoner container and choosing View delivery. This will give you the details of the order with the option to Cancel Delivery. If you originally selected to pay the shipping cost of 1c per crate, you will be refunded.


  • Wagoner containers are locked with a small padlock on creation.
    • Permissions can be set to allow others to use the container.
  • If secured it will always show it was planted by the owner and only the owner can pick it up, even if manage permission is granted.
  • A wagoner container can be picked up.
  • Once connected to a waystone the wagoner container must be picked up before the waystone can be removed or changed.
  • Multiple wagoner containers may be planted on one waystone.
  • Wagoner containers may not be placed on the same waystone as the wagoner.
  • Wagoner containers can be pushed, pulled or rotated once planted.
    • Can be moved to any of the 4 tiles the waystone covers.