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A Wine
  • Activate Grape Juice
  • Right-click Maple syrup
  • Open submenu "Create > Liquid"
  • Unfermented (white/red) wine
Skill and improvement


Wine is a beverage made from maple syrup and grape juice. It is stored in a wine barrel to age over time.


  • Creating unfermented wine uses an equal amount of grape juice and maple syrup.
  • The unfermented wine must then be placed in a wine barrel, and the barrel sealed with a wood scrap. The wine will then ferment over time.
    • To seal the barrel, first activate the wood scrap, right click the wine barrel, and select Create -> Drink -> fermenting (white/red) wine
    • Using a fruit tree wood scrap will result in vinegar instead of wine.

Unlike most other items, wine quality goes up over time, as long as it stays in a sealed small barrel or wine barrel, although a wine barrel produces the best results.


Wine increases stamina and reduces thirst, with the effect multiplying in higher quality wine.

Wine will also give a temporary random skill affinity, with the duration varying depending on quality and amount drank.


  • Wine is created in the container that the grape juice is in. If the total amount is greater than the container's volume, the extra wine will spill.
  • Fermentation time is approximately 5-7 real days.
  • After fermentation is complete, you may either leave it sealed with the woodscrap, or unseal the fermented wine barrel, and reseal with a peg for the aging process. Wood scrap is only necessary for fermentation.
  • Food affinity for the wine will depend on wood type of the wood scrap used to seal. Fruit trees make vinegar.
  • Wine will age better inside a building than outside (ie: where other items would have minimized decay, wine ages better).
  • Best aging method known for wine is storing it in a oak wine barrel in a underground building on deed.
  • Please note that a barrel of wine will not count for your achievements if you are offline or on another server when the fermentation finishes.

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