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A Sprout


  • Sprout
Skill and improvement



A delicate tree sprout with a few tender leaves.

A tree or a bush sprout used for some tools or for planting.


  • To pick a sprout: Activate a sickle, right click > Nature on tree or bush and select Pick sprout.
Only trees aged mature to very old will produce a sprout, if a tree of this age does not hold a sprout then it's possible another player has already picked it.
  • To plant a sprout: Activate the sprout, right click > Nature and select 'Plant naturally' or 'Plant in center' on a dirt or grass tile.
The quality and damage of a sprout, and gardening skill, affects the chance of successfully planting it.

Other Uses


  • Sprout quality does not determine tree quality nor does it have any affect in growth rate.
  • If a sprout is not picked, the tree will attempt to seed itself to a random nearby tile when it advances to the next stage of growth. If the tile is not "available" (grass or flower tile) then the sprout is wasted.
  • Not to be confused with a seedling.

Skills used