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A Still
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  • Still
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A still used in distilling alcohol

A still is used for distillation of undistilled liquids into final drinks.


Used in creating distilled alcoholic beverages.

A still must be lit to work, and the liquid will gradually change to the final drink over time. A still will grant passive skill-gain in beverages and cooking as it burns.

Still quality affects the fuel-burn efficiency. A still built to 50ql and fueled with one log, for example, will burn for about 1.5 hours, while an 85ql still will burn for about 2.5 hours on one log. This burn time increases and decreases in conjunction with still quality.

To light the still, activate a steel and flint while having a kindling in your inventory. To then fuel the still, activate any item that can be used as fuel (for example, wooden items), right-click the still, and select Burn.

A still has 2 internal compartments - a boiler and a condenser.

  • Boiler - undistilled intermediate is placed here. Boilers hold a maximum of 18.75 kg of fluid.
  • Condenser - the final distilled product will appear here.
    • Condenser volume is 18.75 kg of liquid. The distilling process will be suspended when it's full.


  • Creating a still can be reasonably difficult. A blacksmithing skill of 35 and decent quality materials, at a minimum, are highly recommended.
  • Items can be placed onto it, if there is enough room, and will be heated if the still is hot. Wooden or otherwise flammable items placed on the still will be burned.
  • This item can be picked up if it is empty.
  • This item fits inside a forge.
  • When creating a still, the copper sheets must be glowing hot, but all other parts can be worked with cold, including the unfinished still itself.
  • The effects of rarity are unknown, but rarity seems to increase the QL of the beverage and change the affinity the same way rare ovens change meal affinities.