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A Saw
  • Saw (1.20 kg)
Skill and improvement


A saw, good for creating and sawing planks.

Your basic metal saw. Used to make planks out of logs, kindling out of wood scrap, chop down trees and cut felled trees into logs.

Rare Functionality

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Note: Rare functionality is still not completely understood and is an exciting aspect of the game. Most information listed is only an observation of one or more players rather than confirmed by developers.

A rare saw will increase the QL of items produced by 1. For example, with a QL10 log, you will be able to create QL11 planks.


  • The saw given with the starter set cannot be improved, but unlike most of the other starter tools it is not made of birchwood so will not be destroyed by fire.
  • The saw and hatchet are the only tool that gives tool skill above 20 when cutting down trees with it. Other tool and weapon skills cannot be improved this way beyond 20; after that using them for cutting wood only gives woodcutting skill.