Rite of death

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Rite of death
Rite of death

Faith: 50
Favor: 300
Difficulty: 60
Target: Altar
Casting time: 140 seconds


Only a Priest of Libila can cast this spell


Libila spell available to priests at 50 faith. An enchantment spell castable on altars. Requires linking with multiple priests to be possible.

The spell is available to cast once the deity's favor is full. Only prayers and sermons that could cause valid Faith gains increase deity favor, which is used to charge rite spells. If you are capped at the 30 or 100 faith caps, you can still provide to the deity favor as long as you have the valid timing available. Missions also provide some deity favor, scaled on the difficulty of the mission.


  • Priests and followers gain 0.2% soul strength towards 100 and 5 hours of sleep bonus through a single prayer. This benefit can be experienced up to 24 hours from the cast, by praying.
  • Mushrooms will spawn far more often, and on significantly more tiles.
  • (PvE Only) Far less skill loss on death, similar in most cases to dying on deed.
  • (PvE Only) Libila followers and priests gain +15% combat damage (similar to a Magranon priest).
  • (PvE Only) When Rite of death is in effect, Consume corpse has a chance of triggering an effect similar to a Mind stealer enchantment.
  • (PvP only) Spreads mycelium to tiles within the domain of Libila. Causes a small internal head wound to all enemy players currently online. Damage dealt is reduced by soul strength. Requires linking with multiple priests. Will display event message on affected players when successfully cast.


  • The spell will disappear from list after a successful cast. The cooldown for this spell is similar to that of other global spells.

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