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Net trap
A Net trap
Total materials
  • Net trap (10.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


A net that should be laid out, entwining anyone who triggers it.

The cotton net trap is a trap used to temporarily reduce its victim's movement speed.


  • Creation success is influenced by the active rope.
  • Failure in creating will damage both ropes; failure in continuing will damage the item being added.
  • These are difficult to make. It would not be unusual for a low skilled ropemaker to eventually destroy a cordage rope while trying to add it.



  • A net trap is placed on tree and bush tiles with traps skill influencing placement success.
  • Net traps are only useful on other players. They have no effect on creatures.


  • The trap's volume is huge; as an example, a single trap is too big to fit in a small cart.
  • Improving these is a very good way to train up Ropemaking.
  • As non-champ priests take faith reductions from improving, improving these for Ropemaking skill is not option for them. If you plan to sacrifice ropes and other ropemaking items, do the improvement training before becoming a priest.
  • Only works on servers with PvP enabled.