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Pets can be obtained by taming or charming an animal.

Handling a Pet

You can only have one pet at a time, so if you have a pet and tame another, your first pet will become untame. Pets that become untame will return to their normal hostile or non-hostile stance; ie. if the animal is normally hostile then it will begin attacking guards and players.

Other players cannot tame your pet, and you cannot tame another player's pet. You cannot kill your own pet.

You can give your pet to another player: right-click on the person and select Pet > Give away pet. They may need to type '/invitations' command first. They must not have a pet before. Their own taming skill must be high enough to keep the animal.

You can lead a pet with a rope. Make the rope active, right-click on your pet and select Lead. If your pet is an animal that can swim, then it will follow you into the water, otherwise it will go unhitched and stay on land.


Range on orders is about 40 tiles between you and pet. Higher taming level plays a role.

Pets can be told to walk to a tile within range of your mouse. Right-click the tile and select Pet > Go here. The pet will then walk to that spot (or not).

Pets can be told to attack another player or animal. Right-click the target and select Pet > Attack. The pet will then attack the target. A pet will auto-attack another animal if it is aggressive or if a player or animal is from another kingdom or their reputation is negative. This includes a friend's pet.

To tell a pet to stop going somewhere or attacking, right-click the pet or a tile and select Pet > Clear orders. It will cancel any orders to go places or attack, unless already engaged in combat. To stop your pet from attacking in the middle of combat, you must be leading the pet; then you can simply walk away and your pet will follow.

Tip: If you end up fighting your own pet, either while trying to tame it or by some mishap, walk a few tiles away out of its range, issue the 'Clear orders' command and then right-click the ground and select 'No target' (if you have "Display 'no target' in menus" option checked in Settings).

You can decide if your pet should go offline or stay online when you log off. Right-click a tile and select Pet > Go offline to make it leave Wurm with you, or Pet > Stay online to make it stay in Wurm even when you are not.

HINT: If your non-agressive animals get stuck in water you can tame them and then issue the GO HERE command and they may come out of the water.

Tamable animals

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