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Seeds are found by botanizing or foraging and can be sown in dirt. Seeds can be used to tame deer, pheasants, hens, chickens, roosters, and unicorns. Some seeds can also be eaten.


Seed Use Edible Finding Method
Barley1 flour, healing cover (potency 2) yes botanizing
Cabbage seed cabbage yes Pick seeds
Corn2 cooking, cooking oil, healing cover (potency 1) yes foraging
Cotton seed string of cloth, cooking oil no Pick seeds
Oat1 flour yes botanizing
Potato2 cooking yes foraging
Pumpkin seed pumpkin no Pick seeds
Reed seed Reed plants  ? Pick seeds
Rice Rice Yes Harvest rice plant
Strawberry seed strawberry no Pick seeds
Rye1 flour yes botanizing
Wemp seed wemp plants (ropes and bow string) no Pick seeds
Wheat1 flour, healing cover (potency 1) yes botanizing
1 Needs to be harvested using a scythe.
2 Technically a vegetable.

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