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This account was banned in game permanently.

Permanent game bans are received for various reasons. These reasons are unique to each case and may be subject to procedural review from Wurm Online developers and/ or staff.

An artist's rendition.


  • The character Poolsclosed is a Jenn-Kellon on the Wild server.
  • This character is a regular follower of Fo.
  • Aggressive against everyone.
  • Appears to be stronger than a bear and huge spider.
  • Appears to have good armour.
  • Fast attack speed.
  • Can not be tamed.
  • Butchering products include meat and armour.


  • Describes himself as "chaotic neutral" but others have reportedly described his behavior at times as being "chaotic good".
  • This creature is extremely unpredictable should never be approached directly, if possible.
  • If there is no other choice but to confront this player, extreme caution must be used.
  • Is rumoured to enjoy bartering and appraising the value of items.


  • This player has been seen frequently gaining unauthorized access to village structures.
  • Frequently observed breaking altars honoring Libila, Vynora, and Magranon but has never been seen breaking an altar honoring the deity Fo.
  • Has been seen dragging a catapult over large distances for reasons unknown.
  • Uncharacteristically appears to enjoy gardening, forestry, and overall nature skills.
  • Can be seen frequently causing unrest and general instability around populated urban environments.

Personal Data

    • This game account has been banned since October 2010.
    • A full skill dump of this character is available on the Wurm forums.
    • This game account was banned for reasons involving actions outside of the game environment. As such, the skill dump represents skills that were acquired using methods available to all players at the time that they were used. Indeed, it seems that through cunning and intuition, not 3rd party software and hacks this character's skills were acquired. Sometimes infamously referred to as "windows of opportunity", Wurm Online's development practice has a documented history of changing server game code to alter behavior in a way that may change future player's game experiences.
    • Although this player had their game account banned permanently it should be noted that this ban was issued by Rolf himself and not a GM or any member of the moderation team. As such, this ban may or may not have been subject to the same review process involved in other bans. This player is noted as having expressed disinterest in the notion of appealing any administrative actions taken by Wurm Online and OneTooFreeAB regarding this game account.
    • Uncertainty among players may still exist as to why this player was banned but what is known with certainty is that the player behind this character never manipulated game data or network traffic in a way that was inconsistent with game rules.
    • The player behind this character is no longer involved with Wurm Online.
    • It is rumored that this player's disappearance does not actually represent death, although a memorial is thought to exist somewhere in the lands of Wild.
    • Alchemists have recently discovered evidence that this player did not actually die but may have actually passed through a type of dimensional gateway using ancient knowledge currently long forgotten to Wurm's greatest scholars and scribes. It is there that this character is thought to be conducting experiments with the same energies that the gods used to create the universe of Wurm Online.
    • The only known remnants discovered after this player's disappearance represent the items that this player always carried but where strangely found in a location that this player is thought to have never visited. Although his clothes were found no remains of the actual person have yet been discovered, further suggesting a transition to an alternate plane of reality.
    • Preferring to remain nameless, a female Champion of Vynora companion he was often seen with has been rumored to have suffered profound grief after Poolsclosed's disappearance. She prays to Vynora that she may one day be reunited with her close companion, although she fears this day may only come when the dark spirit on the way to the netherworld chooses to no longer block her path.


This player is rumoured to have been a member of the following villages in Wurm Online, but the nature and extent of his involvement with each remains unknown.