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Pottery Smelting Pot
A Pottery Smelting Pot

Heating a clay smelting pot


Smelting pot (0.50 kg)

Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 120g of paint.

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A ceramic smelting pot, used to smelt metal.


It is created by placing a clay smelting pot into a campfire, forge, oven, or kiln.


To smelt an item using the smelting pot, activate the smelting pot, right-click the glowing hot metal item, and select Smelt. The material will appear as a metal lump in place of the item.


  • The quality of the resulting lump is capped by the quality of the smelting pot, but is otherwise equal to the item that was smelted.
  • There are no known size limitations for items the smelter can smelt. The item only need be metal, not enchanted, and able to be heated to a glowing hot temperature state.
  • The "'Smelt'" action is not available if the item is not glowing from heat.
  • Smelting a rare or better metal item will produce a corresponding rare or better lump.
  • A small amount of metal from the original item is typically lost to the smelting process.
  • Items that cannot be improved and are not capped by the 20% of total skill when created will now receive a quality penalty when smelted, at the following rates: -7.5% to -2.5% for common metals, -12.5% to -7.5% for moon metals and alloys.

Cannot Be Smelted

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