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Pottery Smelting Pot
A Pottery Smelting Pot
  • 1 Smelting pot (0.50 kg)
Skill and improvement
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A ceramic smelting pot, used to smelt metal.

This is a pottery smelting pot made from a clay smelting pot, baked and hardened in a campfire, forge, oven, or other heating vessel. It is used like a tool to smelt down glowing hot metal items.


  • To smelt an item using the smelting pot, Activate the smelting pot, right-click the glowing hot metal item, and select Smelt. The material will appear as a metal lump in place of the item.
  • There are no known size limitations for items the smelter can smelt. The item only need be metal and able to be heated to a red, glowing hot temperature state.

Additional Notes

  • Low quality smelting pots cap the quality of the produced lump to 50ql. Otherwise and in general, smelting various metal items produces lumps equivalent to the quality of the original metal item being smelted.
  • Metal items must be glowing hot to smelt down into a lump. The option to smelt will appear once the metal has sufficiently heated.
  • The smelting pot is not a container and is actually activated and used like a tool.
  • Smelting a rare or better metal item will produce a corresponding rare or better lump.
  • A small amount of metal from the original item is typically lost to the smelting process.
  • Smelted lump is capped by pot quality. Items that cannot be improved and are not capped by the 20% of total skill when created will now receive a quality penalty when smelted, at the following rates: -7.5% to -2.5% for common metals, -12.5% to -7.5% for moon metals and alloys. Items that can be improved will no longer receive the penalty when smelted.

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