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Freedom settlement

This is a settlement on the Freedom Isles.

Oak Hill Ranch
A settlement like no other.

Size 91x143 Village

Mumin, Thironix
  • Azath
  • Blackwoods V
  • Carnuntum
  • Dame's Wharf
  • Darby
  • Dark Shroud Dock
  • Harmony Unified Marina
  • Highlander
  • Hill Valley
  • Leah's Respite
  • Lyon Estates
  • Mumindalen
  • New Heaven Bay
  • Nonbiasou
  • Nowhere
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Red Hq
  • Serenety Sanctuary
  • Spirit's Haven
  • Spirit's Rest
  • The Mountain
  • The Preatorian Guard
  • The Shire
  • Vault X
  • Vindobanna
  • Zum Steinofen
  • None


Oak Hill Ranch sometimes called Oak Hill or shorten OHR is one of the oldest Player founded Settlement on this Server. With a 2022 population of 25, Oak Hill Ranch covers 13.013 square tiles and is the capital city of the Alliance "Harmony Unified" on Harmony. The Village get protected by 5 Spirit Guards and one Guard Tower that can be found in southern.

Oak Hill Ranch was founded as an "Starter" Village, for give older and newer Wurmians a Place for level up her Skills and for share the resources to do that.


  • On 7/25/2020 the Settlement was founded by Lyndee, with a concept for a "starter" village, for new and old Wurmians, as they come to the new server to skill up while they decide whether to stay or start their own Settlement. When Lyndee found this place, in the middle of a lot of Orange trees stood a lone Oak tree where a Bull and a Unicorn grazed. That Oak tree was the inspiration for the Name of the Settlement.
  • On 7/27/2020 the Player Plason join the Settlement.
  • On 1/23/2022 the Trader Emily join the Settlement.


  • Lyndee - Mayor
  • Mumin - Deputy Mayor
  • Thironix - Deputy Mayor
  • Aerathavel
  • Airiscasey
  • Crystaal
  • Fawkks
  • Lechoneitor
  • Meemers
  • Meemsie
  • Pixelz
  • Plason
  • Rangersmith
  • Rexucutioner
  • Schneekoenig
  • Soraffe
  • Thalon
  • Tinytim
  • Zerofrost

And much more..


Inside the Area of Oak Hill Ranch you can find these follow Merchants:


  • Merchant Buffalo Bill - For self Service in Buy Bisons.
  • Merchant Olivia - for self Service in Buy Horses.


  • Merchant Kathleen - which sells Archeology Items
  • Merchant Erich - he sells some Tools
  • Merchant Hildegard - he sells Items around Cooking.


Are some Market stalls for extern Traders, they are interested for enjoy Oak Hill Ranch.


Inside the Welcome Center can Player find the Trader Emily, she is a NPC who sells premium items.


If you discover Oak Hill Ranch, you can find a lot of Buildings some of these are:


  • Welcome Center - Guests can write a notice in a Guestbook and talk with the Trader.
  • Smithy
  • Brewery
  • Oak n Sword (tavern)
  • Oak Hill Scenic Tower
  • Town Hall (also called "main hall")
  • Alchemist Shop


  • Oak Hill Garage
  • Tack and Leather Shop
  • The Wood House
  • Boarding House
  • Paper mill


  • Lumber Mill
  • Ink and Dye Shop
  • Textile Shop
  • Oak Hill Fo Monestary


For all Gods have Oak Hill Ranch an Altar in the central Chamber of the Monestary.


Fo has the most follower in Oak Hill Ranch and gets an own Monestary inside this Settlement.


Libila has some followers on Oak Hill, but it is a smaller Religion here. You can find some Altars for it in Oak Hill Ranch.


Vynora has some followers on Oak Hill, you can find some Altars next to the Welcome Center in North western.


Magranon has some followers in Oak Hill, but it's a smaller community there.

Animals and Wildlife

In Oak Hill exists a lot of Animals. The most of them are Sheeps, cows and Horses. In the follow table you can see the results of a count on 17th January, 2022.

Horses Bisons Cows/Bulls Sheeps/Rams Donkeys/Mules Pigs Others
330 65 60 30 75 15 n/a

In Oak Hill a Visitor can also see various Dogs, Deers and Seals. In different Hives, there are some Bees.

"There are 520 creatures currently branded."


Members of Oak Hill have by default access to a large amount of Iron vein, its also possible to find Copper veins, Tin veins, Zinc veins, Lead veins, Silver veins and other Metal-Veins here.

In Underground of Oak Hill you see a very large amount of Stone rocks, they producing Stone shards.

On some different locations you can find in Oak Hill some Clay or Tar tiles. At the next to eastern Border (out of Oak Hill Ranch) you can find Tar-Tiles too.

Peat Tiles aren't shown there.


Oak Hill Ranch is a Settlement South-eastern from Harmony Bay on the Server Harmony.



Members of Oak Hill Ranch are invited, to join our Discord-Server.

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