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Packed dirt
A Packed dirt

Max flat speed: 12.51 km/h
Terrain type: Intermediate
Player made: Mostly
Underground: No

  • Player made by using a shovel on various tile types.
  • Uses Paving skill


Packed dirt is a form of compressed dirt that has been packed.

Packed dirt can happen naturally by heavy traffic over a period of time, by livestock grazing the tile bare, or by packing it with a shovel.

Walk and run speed on packed dirt is higher than on grass or dirt,the same speed as gravel,but not as fast as cobblestone, or stone slab.

Packed dirt can be cultivated into a dirt tile using a rake or shovel.

Packed dirt will eventually become dirt and then overgrown by nearby grass, trees or steppe tiles, but not as fast as dirt would be so, in effect, packing the tile will slow the growth.

You are not able to pack dirt that is submerged in water, however it appears that packing dirt with one edge submerged is easier on south-east facing tiles, While NW facing tiles need to be completely raised from water to be packed.


A packed dirt tile can be paved with a:

Packable Tiles

The following tile types can be packed with a shovel: