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A Smelter
Total materials
  • Smelter
Skill and improvement


A smelter made from bricks and clay, fits more ore than a forge.



To light the smelter, activate a steel and flint with a kindling in your inventory. To extend the burn time, fuel the smelter by activating any wooden item in inventory, right-click the smelter, and select Burn.


  • At least 50 masonry skill is required to create and continue building a smelter.
  • Only 30 kg of fuel can be used at a time. Adding more fuel is unnecessary until some time has passed. The quality of fuel used here does not affect burning time as does the quality of the smelter itself.
  • A smelter will hold 100 uncombined ore.
  • Loading requires a wagon.
  • Items can be placed onto it, if there is enough room, and will be heated if the smelter is hot. Wooden or otherwise flammable items placed on the smelter will be burned.
  • Does not take damage on a settlement while the upkeep is greater than 30 days.
  • A 56 Ql smelter stays lit for about 10 minutes with kindling only.
  • After use, can be cleaned with a shovel to produce ash.
  • The rendered type requires one additional clay to be created.
Smelter material types