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A Tent

This item cannot be crafted.

  • tent (0.50 kg)
Skill and improvement

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A small but useful tent. Nobody may take the things inside even if it is unlocked. You may tie a creature to it and nobody will be able to steal it. If left on the ground, an undamaged tent will decay within a few weeks. The name of the owner, XXX, has been etched on a pole.


A starter tent can be used by players as a spawn point, as temporary storage, and as a hitching post for one animal. To place the tent, right-click it in your inventory and select "drop". You will need at least a 2 x 2 area that is free of items for successful placement.

You can:

  • Lock them with a small or large padlock.
  • Store items inside them.
  • Place them in mines.
  • Hitch an animal to them (the animal will stay online when the player logs out and remain vulnerable to aggressive creatures' attacks).
  • Place them on a deed you are a citizen of.

You cannot:

  • Dye tents.
  • Load them onto vehicles using the load ability.
  • Drop them on someone else's deed or perimeter. Doing so will result in one of the following messages:
    • You are currently inside the settlement of <Settlement name>. You may not drop your tent in someone else's village or perimeter.
    • You are currently within the perimeter of <Settlement name>. You may not drop your tent in someone else's village or perimeter.
  • Drop them on a tile below sea level.
    • The ground is too wet to drop your tent there. You'll need to drop it on higher ground.
  • Drop them within a Rift.
    • The influence of the Rift prevents you from pitching your tent there.


  • All new players automatically receive a starter tent as part of their starter kit, and it cannot be created by a player at any point later. If you lose your tent or it decays, you will need to get a different tent if you wish to replace it.
  • To use it as a respawn point on PvP servers, it must be placed in your kingdom's area of influence. On PvE servers, however, the tent will work as a respawn point from anywhere that it is placed on the ground.
  • It starts at 10QL and cannot be repaired or improved.
  • Certain actions, such as throwing, may cause a large amount of damage to the tent and destroy it.

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