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Main / Terrain / Steppe tile

A Steppe
  • Max flat speed: 12.15km/h
  • Can be created by players?: yes
  • Underground: No


A steppe tile is a ground tile characterized by regions too dry to support a forest but not dry enough to be a desert.


  • Steppe tiles are often good for hunting due to their open views and being a source for certain animal spawns.
  • Players can botanize steppe tiles but are unable to forage here until reaching level 23 foraging skill.
  • Packing and digging actions effectively remove steppe tiles. Dropping dirt also destroys the steppe tile.
  • Additionally, players can convert a dirt tile into a steppe tile by planting mixed grass cut from grass tiles. Planting steppe is treated like planting any other flower type; the nature and gardening skill levels are a major influence over success in planting.
  • Steppe spreads onto adjacent dirt tiles on its own but slower than grass.

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