Stone slabs

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Stone slabs
A Stone slabs

Max flat speed: 17.3 km/h
Terrain type: Pavement
Player made: Yes
Underground: No


Player made by paving packed dirt with stone slabs


Stone slabs can only be removed or terraformed by a player with 21 Body strength. Stone slabs are usually very flat, much more so than normal grass tiles or even that of cobblestone. Paving with slabs is fairly difficult compared to other pavements due to the simple fact that it requires slabs. For these reasons, only roads of the highest quality, decorative tiles, flooring of structures, and courtyards are usually made of slabs.

Slab tiles have a chance of decaying if they are not walked upon for an extended period of time.

Making Stone slabs

  1. Activate a slab
  2. Right-click a tile of packed dirt and select Pave.

Note: You can also right-click a paved tile and select Re-pave > Tile or Nearest corner

Destroying Stone slabs

  1. Activate a shovel
  2. Right-click a tile of stone slabs and select Destroy Pavement.


You need to be stronger to destroy pavement.
20+ Body Strength is required to destroy pavement.
You can't figure out how to remove the stone. You must become a bit better at digging first.
10+ Digging is required to remove pavement.
You need to be stronger to dig on roads.
20+ Body Strength is required to dig on roads.


Alternative pavements include gravel, marble slabs, slate slabs, rough cobblestone, round cobblestone and cobblestone.