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A Longsword

Longsword (3.0 kg)

Skill and improvement


A long and slender sword.

A type of sword. Larger and slower than the short sword, but faster and smaller than the two handed sword. It can be wielded in one hand, and is better at parrying than other types of weapons, such as mauls and axes.

The QL of the handle plays a role in the success rate while crafting. A failed attempt will lower quality level of the handle and damages the blade

Weapon Stats

  • Skills: Sword -> Longsword
  • Strength: 0.275 (Slightly weaker than a Sickle)
  • Attack Speed: 4 seconds
  • Damage Type: Cutting and Piercing
  • Parry Rate: High
  • Wielding: One-hander


  • On Epic, this is curved to approximately 11 skill.
  • Can be used to chop trees/bushes to skill the weapon up to 20.


Short sword - Longsword - Two handed sword
Small axe - Axe - Huge axe
Small maul - Maul - Large maul
Long spear - Spear - Staff (wooden) - Staff (metal) - Halberd
Sickle - Scythe - Huge shod club