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Ulviirala is a female character on Independence living in Ussta Delmah on the volcano island Flamgra'in, she is a jack of all trades and appreciates quiet places. She owns the trading outpost Windy Sails south of The Howl.


Ulviirala arrived in the starfall of dancers in the year of 990 (9th of August 2008) as a Jenn-Kellon on home. She moved away from Newtown very early and found a place to live near Hidden Village. She made friends with Vitruvius and Vish who eventually disappeared and were never to be seen again a short time after. While this might sound suspicious, there was no evidence and thus no investigation, connecting the disappearance of named men with Ulviirala. Neither suspected was Raidsoft, a fellow of Ulviirala or Dynok, a frenzied, item shattering priest fellow of Raidsoft which stayed a short while at the area.

People in the adjacent village haven't seen her after the white shark's starfall in the year of 992 (10/22/08) anymore, probably believed to have fallen victim to the raging scorps that heavily inhabitated the local area, sharing the fate of her former friends.

Word has been spread, she was seen again in the starfall of the saw in the year of 994 though, asking locals about the situation while she was away. Although she eventually moved away to visit a barely known fellow in Chalice, that she found dead empty and asked for shelter at Bennie Bay for a few days. After these days she built a rowing boat and decided to move on and in secret, convert to the Mol-Rehan kingdom.

She founded the homestead of Ussta Delmah in the great lands of Johen King on wrath day in week 4 of the starfall of diamonds in the year of 994, living there until the kingdoms started to wage war with each other everywhere. Along with many others she decided to get away from all the bloodshed and eventually everyone set sail and ploughing through the stormy sea to Independence. The day of the ant in week 2 of the starfall of the digging in the year of 998 (06/17/09), a day that shall be remembered.

The calm sea around Independence and the light breeze slowly pushed her corbita forward to the northeastern area of the land, where she set foot on a fairly big island. After exploring, she found it was a long slumbering volcano with a thriving flora and fauna, though in its heart is still a small pond of lava. Henceforth as a reminder, she would call this island Flamgra'in, the burning island, and reestablish Ussta Delmah on luck day in week 2 of the starfall of the digging in the year of 998 as its first inhabitant.


  • Axewoman
  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Chieftain of Lomaner
  • Digger
  • Dragonslayer
  • Ecologist
  • Excavator
  • Farmer
  • Fine Carpenter
  • Handywoman
  • Harbourmaster
  • High Mason
  • High Tanner
  • Lumberjack
  • Mason
  • Master Carpenter
  • Mercenary
  • Miner
  • Potter
  • Prime Minester
  • Prospector
  • Renowned Carpenter
  • Renowned Fine Carpenter
  • Repairwoman
  • Rider of Lomaner
  • Soldier
  • Tanner
  • Tim the Toolwoman
  • Timberwoman
  • Trollslayer