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Main / Religion / Spells / Bloodthirst


Faith: 31
Favor: 50
Difficulty: 60
Target: Item
Casting time: 20 seconds


Only a Priest of Libila can cast this spell


Increases damage dealt to an opponent, and may also apply a small infection wound. Its power may be increased by killing other creatures, including players.


Unlike other enchantments, Bloodthirst's power is rated between 0 and 10,000. The initial cast is limited to about 1,000 power.

Power is increased by killing creatures:

  • Killing a player will increase the power by 30 points.
  • Killing non-player creatures increases the power by their combat rating.
    • Increasing the power by killing non-player creatures will scale down to half their combat rating after 5,000 to 7,500 accumulated power.


Bloodthirst adds up to 33% damage to the wound caused by the weapon, depending on the power of the enchantment.

There is also an (enchantment power)/100,000 chance of applying an infection wound to the target. For example, at 7500 power, the chance would be 7.5% per successful attack.

  • Applying this wound ignores armour glance rates.
  • Infection wounds heal or worsen every minute, instead of every 10 minutes like most wounds.
  • Infection wounds may rapidly worsen if not bandaged or treated.


Chart of Bloodthirst Gains per Kill

  • Age and traits matter.
  • Young, Adolescent, Mature, Aged, Old, and Venerable are each 1 point apart.
  • For example, a mature troll is 13 points, an aged troll is 14 points, an old troll is 15 points, and a venerable troll is 16 points.
  • Hardened, Fierce, etc. also add points to the total Bloodthirst gained. This is harder to accurately measure without a large dataset to examine. A venerable Greenish goblin, for example, gives 25 points!
  • There are hidden decimal points in cast power. So a venerable black wolf may give 9 points of Bloodthirst, but you may see a gain of 10 due to rounding.

This chart gives the approximate gain in bloodthirst for an aged creature with no special traits:

Mob BT Gain
Hell horse 11
Hell hound 16
Hell scorpious 20
Lava fiend 15
Huge Spider 12
Black wolf 7
Scorpion 9
Crocodile 10
Wild cat 2
Black bear 13
Cave bug 6
Large rat 2
Anaconda 15
Mountain lion 4
Fog spider 18
Cow 1
Pig 3
Wild boar 14
Seal 10
Bull 5
Lava spider 20
Troll 14
Goblin 22
Unicorn 12