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Break altar
Break altar

Faith: 40
Favor: 20 (80 when cast on Bone Altar/Altar of Three)
Difficulty: 50
Target: Item
Casting time: 30 seconds
Cooldown time: 4 minutes


Only a Priest of Vynora, Magranon, Fo, Libila can cast this spell


This is a spell that can not only destroy normal altars, but it can also damage the Bone Altar and the Altar of Three. This spell requires 20 favor to cast against normal altars, but 80 when cast against the Bone Altar or Altar of Three. It will give you rather nasty wounds if you fail in the cast.

Destroying the main WL / BL altar

To be able to destroy the black or white main altar it is imperative that the following requirements are met :

  • Enough followers of your faith with high faith. (5000 faith)
  • Enough followers of your faith at the altar.
  • Someone who can cast the spell or through the use of the right artifact.
  • Priests must have 23 body strength