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Chicken coop
A Chicken coop
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Chicken coop

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A small house where female chickens are kept safe and secure.

Used to store and feed hens and collect eggs.

Coops contain multiple sub items inside.

  • Nesting Box, this is where the loaded hens reside.
  • Feeder, this is where you place food.
  • Drinker, this is where you place water.
  • Egg Box, this is where you get the eggs from when they are laid.


  • You can only load hens into the coop.
  • The "Load Creature" option will not appear if you are leading more than one hen.
  • To load a hen, lead it, right click the coop and click "Load Creature".
  • To be able to load the creature, there must be water in the drinker and food in the feeder.
  • Loadable chicken count is QL / 10 + rarity (maximum 13 for a 100 QL Fantastic coop). QL must be greater than or equal to 10 to load a chicken.

Feeding and watering

  • You can only put food that can be planted in the ground into the feeder. Example: pumpkin seed, or corn. Herb seeds and mixed grass cannot be put in the feeder.
  • Polling for the feeder and drinker happens every 4 hours, at which time food equal to the number of hens in the coop is subtracted from the feeder.

E.g. if there are 4 hens loaded, 4 food will be subtracted. Also, 250 grams of water for each hen will be subtracted from the drinker.

Egg output

  • Eggs will be created every 12 hours.
  • Egg QL is dictated by the QL of the coop.
  • Egg count is equal to the count of the chickens.
  • If either the feeder or the drinker is empty on egg poll, the chickens will be unloaded on the center of the tile where the coop resides.
  • Eggs in the egg box will not hatch when they decay, even if they are fertile. Fertile eggs must be on the ground in order to hatch.


  • Can be placed and planted or secured.
  • Coops are lockable and spawn on creation with a 1.0 QL small padlock.
  • Coops have manageable permissions, like any other lockable container.

Miscellaneous info

  • You cannot load a coop with chickens in it.
  • On deed, chickens in a coop count towards the creature ratio.
  • You cannot bash a coop with chickens loaded.
  • The egg box will hold a maximum of 100 eggs.


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