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Creature cage
A Creature cage
Total materials
  • Creature cage
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A cage to hold a creature. This cage is empty.

A creature cage is a device that can load a creature into a ship and take it cross-server. Not to be confused with the Creature transporter.

General notes

  • 60 Carpentry skill is required to create the cage and continue building it.
  • 23 Body strength is required to load the cage onto a ship/creature transporter.
  • Like all loaded containers, deed permissions come into play.


  • To load (while leading animal): Right click cage -> Load creature.
  • To unload (after unloading cage): Activate rope/halter rope > Right click cage > Open > Right click creature > Unload creature.

Concerning venerable animals

When loading a venerable animal, the message "The venerable fat (animal name) is venerable, and may die if it crosses to another server" will show. This simply means if the animal has not been cared for on the destination server, there is a very random, somewhat rare chance the animal could die as soon as it's unloaded.

  • To reduce this risk, use an electrum rune's spell on the creature, which will reduce the creature's age.


  • 1 creature per cage, no matter the size.
  • You cannot load pregnant, hurt, or equipped animals (ones with horse shoes/bridle etc..).
  • You can only lead and load one animal at a time.
  • Max of 4 creature cages per tile.
  • A caged animal damages the cage over time. A higher quality cage receives less damage.
  • The animal will kick the cage in anger after being unloaded, causing more damage.
  • You cannot repair or improve a cage if it's storing an animal.
  • When a cage hits 80 damage, the animal will escape.
  • A low QL cage can take 80 damage in under 48 hours.
  • The cage can be pushed/pulled/rotated, with or without an animal.
  • A rope/halter rope is needed to unload the animal from the cage.
  • Only animals that are leadable can be stored in the cage. Note that some animals need to be tamed to be led.
  • It's possible to load cages + a wagon in a ship, but only if the wagon is loaded first.
  • Animals with traits will keep them when crossing servers.
  • Venerable animals run a (small) risk that they might die (if not cared for) on the destination server as soon as they're unloaded. However, they can be cared for as soon you pass the server border, even when loaded.
  • Unlike vehicles, a branded animal will not transfer their permissions when crossing servers.
  • Can be hauled up and down ladders with or without creature loaded.
  • When you open the creature cage with a loaded animal, the ql shown for the animal, depicts the age of the animal in Wurm months.

Vehicle load capacity

Vehicle Quantity
Wagon 2
Cog 6
Corbita 5
Knarr 4
Caravel 8
Creature transporter 4

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