Brass oil lamp

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Brass oil lamp
A Brass oil lamp
  • Brass oil lamp (0.30 kg)
Skill and improvement


A brass lamp with a wick.


  • Is used as a personal light source.
  • Fill it with 0.13 kg of olive oil or tar, then light it with a steel and flint.
  • Oil is rumored to produce light for longer than tar.
  • When full it will burn for almost 24 hours depending on quality (further studies are needed to determine more precise burn times).
  • The lamp quality determines how far it can illuminate.
  • Brass oil lamps have been shown to be marginally more fuel efficient compared to iron lanterns, and also decay through general use much, much slower.
  • It can be dyed with 20g of dye, which only effects the light given, not the appearance of the item.